Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Aiken Horse is Digital

The Aiken Horse, the Carolinas' horse publication, is now available in an online, digital edition. Readers can access the entire publication, turn the pages, read the articles and download and print whatever they like. All the issues in the fourth volume of the paper (starting with September, 2008) are available in digital format.

The online edition, available on the Aiken Horse website has greatly increased the readership of the newspaper. The paper has had a nationwide presence since its inception. Now, however, The Aiken Horse has hundreds of readers in such places as Great Britain, Australia, South America, Japan and Russia.

Although the publisher of The Aiken Horse, Pam Gleason, does not believe the digital edition will ever replace the physical paper, she does think that it makes sense to make the paper available in a digital format. Not only does this increase readership without raising costs substantially, it is also more ecological, since it does not require more paper. Finally, it is a great service to the readers and the advertisers.

"I like being able to look things up online," she says. "I'm glad that the readers of The Aiken Horse will be able to access our articles and advertisements digitally from now on."