Monday, December 22, 2008

Aiken Horse Goes Global

The Aiken Horse went global this fall with its digital edition. The paper has always had a website, but, starting with the September issue, the entire paper is online. The online edition uses Adobe Flash technology to enable readers to view and zoom in on every page of the paper. Loading is quick: although readers may choose to download or print specific articles and pages, there is nothing to download if you just want to read. The paper is also fully searchable.

Traffic to the new digital edition is heavy and it is worldwide. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the traffic is from the USA. Although many of our online readers are in the local area, the state with the highest readership is actually California. Readers in foreign countries are also devouring the publication. We have had hits from 38 separate countries, including Belgium, Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, and even the Russian Federation, China, Japan and India.

Our new worldwide customers aren't just looking. They are also reading and shopping. The average visitor looks at 45 pages and spends between 10 and 30 minutes on the site. Our tracking reveals that our ads are getting a good bit of attention. The classified and directory pages are among the most visited pages in the paper. Other top pages for zooms include full page real estate ads. We have heard from our advertisers that they are getting inquiries from as far away as Dubai.

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