Monday, February 1, 2010

Friends of the Animal Shelter

In 2009, a group of animal lovers got together to form Friends of the Animal Shelter (FOTAS) a nonprofit volunteer organization with the mission of improving conditions at the Aiken County Animal Shelter and increasing the number of animals adopted. Aiken actually has two shelters on Wire Road. The Aiken SPCA is generally for animals rescued within city limits. The county shelter next door is for animals from outside the city. The Aiken SPCA is a non-profit organization with strong community support, dedicated volunteers and an excellent record of placing adoptable animals in loving homes. The county shelter has a larger volume of animals coming through its doors and has, in the past, been less fortunate in finding all of its adoptable pets new owners.

FOTAS volunteers, many of them in the horse community, have been holding fundraisers for the shelter and organizing various events to help upgrade the facility, attract more volunteers, and get more animals adopted. Volunteers are always in great demand. They are needed to do any number of different things, from walking dogs and grooming cats to working in the office, answering the phone and helping with education and community outreach.

Starting on Valentines Day, February 14, FOTAS will have its own website. The site will feature a list of adoptable animals. It will also have a community message board, an events calendar and information about sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

For more information, call 803.642.1537 or email

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